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Playlist - Brilliant Brains and beautiful minds

Welcome to my award winning Vodcast Brilliant brains & beautiful minds. Thrilled to have taken the honours for 2020 Podcast of the year at the Stevie Awards for women in business. Here I chat to amazing humans who share their secrets to success, diversity of mindset and strategies through playful, candid conversations. I Delve into personal stories, business journeys and tap into experts who’ve mastered their skill. My curious mind loves to ask questions and understand the drive and purpose behind what makes the individual tick. Privileged to share these candid conversations showcasing diversity and uniqueness of humankind. We chat success in failure, creative and agile thinking and how to survive in business.
I choose to see the world with a childlike sense of wonder and that has allowed me to find my own unique success path. I believe every day is an opportunity to connect with and be inspired by others. I‘ve been awarded the 2020 Solo Entrepreneur of the year by the Stevie awards. where you can read, watch or hear the interviews