Beauty Boss Business

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About Us

Beauty Boss Business is the brainchild of Melanie Burnicle. Being her own boss in the beauty industry for over 25 years, there were two constant messages she would hear, one from the consumer and one from the people working in the industry.

The consumer and the beauty professional want to stay on top of beauty trends, products, and treatments we all want the real Beauty Boss Insider information. Melanie’s clients are smart sassy, empowering women and wanted her professional advice on all thing’s beauty, her real knowledge and experience as a professional not the fluffy sales pitched products and messaging across many platforms. What works, what’s in the products, are the products doing right by our planet? The questions were always coming and when she didn’t have the answers, she knew the best person to speak to. This platform is where the beauty pro’s share their information with each other and to the smart consumer. This way we get to stay ahead of the game and with the right information.

Melanie, also having worked with many small businesses, product brands and freelancers across the beauty, hair and makeup industry was hearing the common theme that many were experiencing difficulties maintaining the upkeep of the business side of the work. Feeling alone in business and for the most of it feeling overwhelmed and stuck working in the business and not dedicating time to work on the business to allow for growth, expansion, and further financial success.  Melanie having worked for herself for 25 years, founder and director of 3 businesses and now an award-winning entrepreneur has had many successes and many epic failures to reach where she is today. Melanie teaches the 7C Strategy in our education component which helps beauty businesses and freelancers across the sector to build business foundations and reach financial freedom and career success.

Melanie hosts 3 interview series, Beauty Boss Business, Learning without limits, and Brilliant brains and beautiful minds. Each has a different driving force but all aim to inspire and share the truths about success, what it takes to reach your goals and how failure is an integral part of the human and business growth. We share these on the platform as a source of inspiration, whether you’re your own Beauty Boss in the bathroom at home or your working, living and breathing in the beauty world.

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